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Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Care Issues That Can Arise Anytime

We all know that growing an amazing green luscious lawn is simply achieved with the appropriate knowledge and tools. Maintain your grass easily and grow some amazing seeds to cover up the bare spots for a breathtaking gardening experience. However, lawn care issues can arise anytime. You need to be prepared and handle them with […]

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Secrets To Keeping Your Lawn Looking Lush and Green Through Out The Winter Season In Las Vegas

Watch the video below as Nick talks about the fertilizer and grass seed combo that is used in the Fall season in Las Vegas Nevada to keep your lawn looking green, lush, thick  and soft through out the winter season. The grass seed and fertilizer combo we used at the property in this video is an Emerald Carpet […]

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The CORRECT Watering Schedule For New Sod/Las Vegas Sod Burning Myth De-Bunked

So the most important step to follow after laying down your fresh new sod in the Las Vegas area is to program your irrigation control clock. Not performing this step will result in your fresh new sod going caput, for lack of a harsh term, (dying). If you are planting new sod during the summertime […]

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