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Secrets To Keeping Your Lawn Looking Lush and Green Through Out The Winter Season In Las Vegas

Watch the video below as Nick talks about the fertilizer and grass seed combo that is used in the Fall season in Las Vegas Nevada to keep your lawn looking green, lush, thick  and soft through out the winter season.

The grass seed and fertilizer combo we used at the property in this video is an Emerald Carpet Fescue seed and the fertilizer is Ammonium Phosphate. The numbers on the Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer bag are 16-20-0. The Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer has a higher nitrogen content that acts as a type of heating element for the root system within the soil. This is generally why you want to use this type of fertilizer on a streak of cooler days during the Autmn/Fall seasons in Las Vegas Nevada. The Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer, also,  is a more acidic fertilizer that helps to offset the alkaline natural soil and water conditions that plants, trees and shrubs endure all year long until a soil conditioner is introduced like the ammonium phospahte.

So basically, the Ammonium Phospahte offers a double benefit to plants, trees and shrubs planted in the alkaline or calcareous soils of the desert.

  • It’s acidic based from the sulfur content and conditions the soil environment of the plant offsetting the soil alkalinity.
  • It has a high, slow released type of Nitrogen that warms and speeds up the growth process plus helps to keep the plant green.
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