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Lawn Care Issues That Can Arise Anytime

We all know that growing an amazing green luscious lawn is simply achieved with the appropriate knowledge and tools. Maintain your grass easily and grow some amazing seeds to cover up the bare spots for a breathtaking gardening experience. However, lawn care issues can arise anytime. You need to be prepared and handle them with absolute care. Always remember that proper cutting, mowing and watering will help you in staying away from these lawn care issues.

All the lawns require consistent maintenance to keep them in good shape. Now, given below are some of the popular issues related to lawn care. You must carefully go through them so that you are able to handle them with ease.

Silvery Spots

I must tell you that lack of moisture in nitrogen and soil can easily cause a silvery dollar spot. They are around 6 inches in diameter and can appear as a large damaged region.

Red Thread Disease

All the gardens suffering from red thread look bleached and patchy with large red strands emerging on leaf tips. Laetisaria fuciformis is a fungus that is responsible for red thread disease.

Leatherjacket Infestation

I would like to bring this to your knowledge that leatherjackets are lavae of the crane fly that usually comes during winter and autumn. You need to look out for such lawn care issues while mowing.

Tunneling Moles

Well, moles are scattered around North America and Europe, principally underground, feeding on earthworms.

Dog Urine

Another issue that can arise is dog urine. It can easily burn the grass and create several brown patches. You just need to water the area over and above your normal watering schedule to reutilize the acidic PH of the dog urine  in order to overcome this issue. Plus, when these dry spots start to form from the dog urine, you should have a bag of lawn seed to throw into these areas so that new grass will grow back as soon as possible. As a side note: this seeding method will only work when temperatures permit grass seed to germinate.

In order to maintain your garden and stay away from issues watering is a must. You must consider all these issues in order to maintain a healthy garden and impress your friends! Lawn care is certainly a must for you!

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