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Concrete Patio Installation

Starting with the digout and dirt haul away

In the pictures below you will see the different stages of putting together a concrete patio installation here in Las Vegas.

First we had to start with a digout on this job to make space for the new concrete flatwork slab.

Concrete Formwork Setup

After the dirt digout and removal we then have to setup all of the concrete formwork. The concrete forms set the perimeter and serve as a guide for the concrete finishers to use their edging tools to run along the concrete form to place a nice bullnose edge finish on the perimeter of the concrete. We have professional highly skilled finish carpenters that set up your concrete formwork. You can see the concrete forms set up below in the picture.

Pouring out the concrete material

After the concrete formwork has been set up and our type two base material has been compacted with a plate compactor then we are ready to pour out the concrete material! Usually we will use wheelbarrels and our labor help to move the concrete material into the backyards but sometimes we can use a concrete pump if there is enough money in the budget. While the concrete is being moved into the backyard wheel barrel by wheel barrel the concrete finishers begin to spread and screed the wet concrete mud into position and up against all of the formwork and or block wall/house footing perimeter locations.

The concrete finishers use the forms as a guide to follow when setting the slope and water flow of the concrete as well. After the entire batch of wet concrete material has been laid out within all perimeter forms, then the concrete finishers will begin to use the bull float which is a large tool about 3 to 4 feet wide that they move back-and-forth on top of the concrete to bring the sand and cement cream mixture to the surface while pressing the rock aggregate down.

Depending on the temperature outside the concrete finishers will then let the concrete rest for a few minutes to maybe an hour to set and stiffen up so that they then can begin cutting their control joints in the surface of the concrete. Control joints are absolutely necessary in order to control the cracking of the concrete slab. The Quality concrete contractor rulebooks state that the concrete control joints need to be placed every 2 1/2 times the slab thickness in feet. So in this case if the concrete slab is 3 1/2 to 4 inches thick then you would multiply that by 2.5 and that answer would be your foot spacing guide you would go by for placing the control joint.

A lot of other factors come into play when placing control joints, things like the corner of the house or the corner of a block wall and walkways that are 3 to 4 feet wide. In that case, on the walkway, you should have proportional spacing between your control joints.

The finished concrete patio installation

The finished concrete slab of this job you will find in the picture below. The picture below was taken only a couple days after it had been poured so you will notice a lot of blotchy spots and marks in the surface of the concrete. After the concrete sets for at least seven days, the concrete will have reached 70% of its maximum strength. Additionally a lot of these blotchy spots will go away. It takes a full 28 days for concrete to cure and reach its specified maximum strength and also to have all of the spots and blotchy marks go away.

We always use a 4500 psi ready mix or greater Psi ready mix on our flat work patio slabs. A lot of our competitors will use a mobile mix truck to pour out their concrete flat work slabs. The problem with using a mobile mix truck is that your concrete will only be mixed in a 12 foot long auger off of the back of the truck. That is the only amount of mixing that will take place with Mobile Mix Concrete which makes it inferior to ready mix due to the lack of thoroughly mixing the cement, sand, aggregate and water.

You’ll notice a lot of concrete slabs that are poured out by a mobile mix truck will have a lot of ugly blotchy marks that appear as moisture pockets in the concrete that will never go away and always be there indefinitely for the life of that concrete. Our concrete slabs are always poured and finished with the highest quality concrete materials available to us today and are finished with professional Concrete Finisher‘s that have well over five years of experience in a Concrete trade in Las Vegas. You can always expect high quality concrete from Green Guru Landscaping whether it be for your concrete patio, walkway or your driveway!


If you need a concrete patio installation in Las Vegas or a concrete walkway or a concrete driveway be sure to give us a call as you can always expect highest of quality workmanship and highest of quality materials for your project by Green Guru Landscaping in Las Vegas! We are a professional grade contractor that carries four state contractor licenses at the current time with goals to obtain additional contractor licenses in order to continue to grow and become the landscape construction market leader in Las Vegas!

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