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Patio Construction

Here is another one of our Las Vegas patio projects under construction!

las vegas patio cover construction


Before we laid these pavers we had to perform a dig out to remove the dirt grade elevation in the space of these pavers. Once we removed the dirt we then laid down a material called type two as a base material and then we compact that type two base material .

On top of the compacted type two material we lay down a washed concrete sand material that becomes the bedding sand that we lay our pavers on top of.

Paver installation

Our paver installation process is perfectly in line with up-to-date ICPI industry construction standards for laying pavers. We set our grade and our slope with string lines or lasers depending on the overall size and scope of the job and what we have available on the job.

When it comes to the soldier course installation which is also known as the edge restraint around the pavers, we lay a wet bed of mortar underneath 100% of the soldier course paver block ensuring that the paver block will not come loose and ultimately cause this paver patio to fail. Surprisingly we have to repair a lot of other companies work when it comes to this tiny little detail because all they do is lay a tiny sliver of wet mortar at the outer edge of the paver and 80% of the time this tiny sliver of wet mortar concrete breaks and causes the soldier course to fail. We don’t install our pavers this way, like said above we laid the entire soldier course block on a wet bed of mortar 2 to 3 inches thick ensuring that the soldier course will never move or walk. This falls right in line with another one of our high quality construction practices we perform for our clients.

The pavers that we used in this project are known as Belgard Cambridge classic pavers in the Tuscano blend of color.


Prior to the paver installation process we had to dig two footing holes to support the patio cover that you see in this picture. We dug out two 24“ x 24 in.³ holes that we later filled with a 4500 PSI concrete.

We attached the posts to the top of the concrete footing that supports this patio cover.

We pride ourselves with high quality installation practices things that you don’t see on this patio cover are reinforcements on the inside of the patio cover. Inside the 3 x 8 aluminum beam we have a steel C channel beam and inside the posts we have a fluted lock seam steel post. These reinforcements greatly enhance the structural ability and overall durability and longevity of this patio cover. These are things that our competitors leave out of their patio covers 90% of the time when they can get away with it to charge less money to their clients.

You can expect these things to be automatically built-in to our pricing when we quote our clients for patio covers. Furthermore it’s these types of construction practices that set us apart from our competitors because we do not compromise our reputation on poorly built patio cover structures.

We love our work and we pride ourselves on being the highest quality Las Vegas patio construction contractor in town!

Give us a call today at 702-949-2988 if you are ready to get started with your Las Vegas patio construction project!

las vegas patio construction with pavers
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