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How much does a 20 x 20 concrete patio cost?

How much does a 20 x 20 concrete patio cost? Read below to get more information.

This is a picture of a freshly poured concrete patio that was poured the same day the picture was taken.

The cost of a concrete patio is always dependent upon the quality of the contractor that you hire. A better quality contractor will always use better quality materials and he will also use good skilled tradesmen that are professionals at their craft. A lesser quality contractor will always be the opposite. He will always use cheaper quality materials and subpar labor help to get his job done. For a 20 x 20 concrete patio you can expect to pay anywhere from $4500 on the low end and upwards of $5500 on the higher end for a better quality contractor. This of course does not include the dig out and dirt haul away from your property. The dig out and dirt work at each property is different and therefore is quoted accordingly by each job. However, the dig out and dirt work is another area a cheap quality contractor will cut corners on. This will lead to you not getting a proper elevation for the top of your concrete and could potentially lead to flooding issues. The minimum gap you should have between your weep screed, which is the bottom of your stucco on your house, and the top of your concrete patio slab is 2 inches. When you consider the dig out for your concrete patio you have to consider the 2 inch drop below your weep screed plus the 3.5 to 4 inches thick of concrete plus another 2 inches of type two base material compaction. This will put you anywhere from 7 to 8 inches below your weep screed for the dig out and starting point of the new materials to go in. So if you have a brand new house construction usually you will have lesser of a dig out and dirt work as opposed to older construction that might already have current landscaping or a patio that will need to have demolition and dig out done first before any new concrete patio slab can go in. The dirt work and the dig out for the preparation will always vary in price due to how much work will be involved to achieve the proper dig out elevations for your new concrete. However you should expect to budget anywhere from $1000 upwards to $4500 again completely depending upon how much work is involved and equipment will be needed to do your job. If your property is located in Las Vegas Nevada you can give us a call if you would like to get an estimate on your work at 702-949-2988 or you can reach us through our website by visiting our contact us page.

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