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Simple Organic Gardening Tips That Anyone Can Try

A useful technique for organic gardening, is to gently disturb your seedlings by using your fingers or a piece of cardboard one or two times daily. While it seems a little odd, it has been reported that this can encourage plant growth.

Perennial gardens should be prepared easily and quickly in the ground. All you need to do is use a garden spade to slice under the turf, flip it over, then spread wood chips over the area about three to four inches deep. Wait two weeks or so, and then you are ready to jump right in with digging and planting.

If you want a sustainable garden, leave part of it undisturbed as a home for the wildlife in the area. The presence of native flowers, trees and grasses will attract birds and insects. You will be rewarded by an appealing and flourishing landscape.

Keep leaves you rake from your yard for use as organic compost you can mix in with your soil. When you put leaves into your garden, the soil can take advantage of nutrients as the leaves decompose. This is a cheap, effective method to obtain organic compost to use in your garden.

Learn to work efficiently. If it takes you thirty minutes to find a needed tool, then you are doing something wrong. Set up the tools you will need for your day prior to hitting the garden, then put them away neatly at the end of your gardening session. Wear pants with several pockets or use a tool belt.

Companion plants are a great way to garden. Some plants help neighboring plants grow, and are beneficial in other ways. By repelling pests and making the soil healthier, they reduce the need for fertilizers or pesticides. Plant herbs near vegetables, and the strong odor of the herbs will keep pests from the vegetable plants.

Now you know how you can use these ideas in your own garden. You’ve come to the right place! These tips were specifically crafted to enhance your organic gardening techniques. A gardener should never be done learning! Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you can always find a small bit of information you may not have previously known.

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