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Gardening Is Easy When You Follow This Advice

One should build a border with a fence around their garden before they even start planting their garden. Something that keeps animals out before the plants grow can help them reach their maximum sizes when they are planted.

Make new plants by using root cuttings. Cut the plant roots during winter, while they go dormant. Use a sharp knife to remove the thickest and longest roots from the plant. Slice the roots into at least two inch segments. Take a seed tray and put a grit and moist peat mixture inside of it, and then place your root pieces on top of it. Cover it with a small layer of grit and peat. Place your seed tray in a cool location and new seedlings will appear in about a month’s time. Plant the seedlings separately in small containers until they are large enough to be planted outdoors.

Use a calendar to plan out the seasons of your garden. Using a calendar to schedule planting makes picking out varieties easier. It can prepare you in advance so you know what to purchase and when. This planting calendar may be created on the computer, or it can be a piece of paper.

If you have a snail problem, spray them with some water that has ammonia mixed into it. Ammonia is harmless to plants and converts to nitrogen over time, making it a great choice with multiple benefits. It does kill snails in your garden, which will stop them from damaging your beds. For best results you’re going to want to use this mixture daily.

To make sure the roots of your large plants (trees and shrubbery) have a strong development, plant them in the fall. In autumn, the soil is warmer than the air. This will drive nutrients down into the root systems, building them up more than in other seasons.

To give them a helping hand, pour the water you obtain after steaming vegetables over your plants. In order to help acidify the soil for plants like gardenias and rhododendrons, you can use coffee and tea grounds. Chamomile tea is a good remedy against fungus.

Hopefully, you can now see that becoming a great gardener is not as difficult as you first feared. Like anything else, gardening is a big subject and there is a lot of information concerning it. The key is to simply find a good starting point and get going. The advice you read probably provided that, so start that garden right now!

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