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Want Flowers In Your Garden All Year Long? Try These Tips.

An eye-catching plant makes an attractive focal point for your garden or flowerbed. To create an attractive garden design, arrange a focal point to draw attention. It can be anything, but oftentimes a plant that stands out from its neighbors will do the trick.

Plant some tress that have beautiful fall fruit. Generally, fall color is most associated with foliage colors, but there are numerous trees that also produce decorative fruits. The berries have a wide range of colors from deep reds to vibrant yellows, and last throughout the winter, providing food for birds as well as color for the garden. Good varieties include holly, crabapple, hawthorn and chokeberry.

Consider starting your plants in pots and then planting the seedlings in your garden. Doing this will increase the survival rate of all your outdoor plants. In addition, it lets you tighten the time in between plantings. Once you’ve removed the previous group of plants, your seedlings can go into the ground.

Eco-savvy gardeners know that rainwater is perfect for watering plants. Natural rainwater can be collected in large containers, then used to cut down on water bills. Go ahead and try this if you want easy sustainability of your garden and a convenient way to save a few dollars.

Keep your fragile shrubs protected from the winter weather. Tender shrubs are very sensitive to cold weather, especially those that are planted in pots. With a sheet or blanket, you want to loosely cover the wigwam after you tie the tops of the canes together. This method works better than covering your bushes in plastic, allowing air to circulate and preventing rotting.

Use root cuttings to create new plants. If possible, cut dormant roots during the winter months. Use a sharp gardening knife to cut the longest and thickest roots off of the plant. Cut the roots into two inch lengths. Fill a tray of seeds with grit and moist peat and put the cuttings of the roots on it. You will then place out a thinner layer of the peat mixture on top of the cuttings. Place your seed tray in a cool location and new seedlings will appear in about a month’s time. Plant them individually in little pots until they’re ready to be placed outside.

Now, admit it, gardening isn’t as complicated as you thought! As with any topic, the body of knowledge surrounding gardening is vast. Sometimes, you just require a clue about where to start so you can begin taking action. So, hopefully, with the tips you learned you now have that ability.

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