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Tips On How To Maintain A Good Garden

When you grow veggies in a garden, you need to ensure they get at least six hours of good sunlight each day. Many types of veggies require this amount in order to thrive and produce the food source that you are hoping for. Some flowers need the same thing.

When gardening, beware of stink bugs and other insects, particularly in the autumn. They like to feast on all kinds of fruits, as well as peppers, tomatoes, and beans. If you don’t take care of them, they can decimate your garden, so it’s best to do all you can to get rid of them.

Any time that you are gardening in direct sunlight, dress appropriately to prevent skin damage. Wear wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Proper protection from the sun means a lower chance of sunburn, as well as a decreased risk of skin cancer.

Your soil needs to be of good quality before you start a garden. Many nurseries offer a soil analysis service, which will tell you what nutrients your soil is lacking and what you can do about it. Many Cooperative Extension offices will provide this service, and it is well worth knowing exactly what the soil needs to avoid ruining a crop or two.

Try using root cuttings to grow new plants. Cut the plant roots during winter, while they go dormant. A good knife should be sufficient for removing the deepest roots. Separate the roots into cuts of about 2 inches each. First, fill up the seed tray using peat moss and then apply the roots. Cover thinly with grit and peat. Wait a month after you put it in a colder place and you’ll get new seedlings. Plant the seedlings separately in small containers until they are large enough to be planted outdoors.

Plant a variety of flowers to keep your flower garden colorful and interesting. Annuals and biennials can add excitement and interest to your flower garden every season. These usually grow quickly, and provide an easy-to-change solution to making your flower beds bright and beautiful. They allow you to select different flowers from one year or season to the next. They are very helpful when trying to fill in gaps between shrubs and perennials in an area that is sunny. Some varieties are hollyhocks, petunias and sunflowers.

Deciduous shrubs need protection from the cold. If you have tender shrubs in pots, they need to be protected in the cold weather. With a sheet or blanket, you want to loosely cover the wigwam after you tie the tops of the canes together. Covering your foliage in plastic will let the air in – and may lead to decay.

One of the most important things to a garden is moisture. Every living thing needs water to survive. During the hot days of summer, water your plants often to ensure that your plants do not dry out. If your plants have an adequate supply of water, you garden with thrive.

Gardening is an entertaining and rewarding activity. As you learn more, you will become a better gardener. Absorb all of the helpful advice that you can find. Find the best techniques for growing the specific plants in your garden.

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