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The Best Organic Gardening Advice You Will Ever Read

Keep plastic bags handy to cover your muddy gardening shoes. You’ll be able to keep your momentum going without needing to take off your shoes, and stay on track with your gardening project.

Make a shade garden out of your organic garden. Shade gardens don’t require much work at all, which may surprise you. They also require a lot less watering, which could save you lots of time and work. The only downside is a slower growth, but this also means less weeds.

If you’re growing plants indoors, keep your thermostat around 65 or 75 degrees daily. Indoor plants grow best at these warm temperatures. If your thermostat is normally kept lower in winter, you can use a heat lamp to keep your plants warm enough.

If you have recently planted seeds in your organic garden, you should regularly aerate the soil by using your hands to gently sift it. However odd this may sound, research shows that this touching encourages seedlings to grow better than they would without touching.

You can use the leaves out in your yard to mix and make an organic compost with when you combine it with your soil Leaves decompose, therefore creating an organic compost that is very healthy and nutrient rich for your plants. This is a cheap, effective method to obtain organic compost to use in your garden.

Planting organic strawberries is a great way to encourage your children to get involved. Little ones will be more likely to help when they can enjoy the fun of harvesting their own fruit.

Plant trees in such a way that they provide shade for your home. You will not need to run air conditioners as much; in turn, it will help you to save money with utility bills, because the trees produce shade around your home.

A great way to save water in your home garden is to be sure you use a lot of mulch. Using mulch will allow the soil to retain humidity more efficiently, and your garden will not have to be watered as frequently. You can get it from the store, parts of trees, or dead plant materials. It is important to use a large amount of whatever mulch you have.

Gardening can be done by anyone, but only those armed with the proper information can get the most from their organic garden. Put this advice to work for you.

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