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The CORRECT Watering Schedule For New Sod/Las Vegas Sod Burning Myth De-Bunked

So the most important step to follow after laying down your fresh new sod in the Las Vegas area is to program your irrigation control clock. Not performing this step will result in your fresh new sod going caput, for lack of a harsh term, (dying). If you are planting new sod during the summertime […]

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Tips to Choosing Las Vegas landscapers

Las Vegas Landscapers have definitely transformed the city into a fairy tale like oasis. Las Vegas, despite being located in the heart of the Nevada dessert, is full of greenery and rather impressive man made landforms. One would presume that hiring Las Vegas landscapers would not take too much effort, simply due to the large […]

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How To Plant A Magnolia Tree And Get It To Grow In Las Vegas’ Soil

For starters, Magnolia trees love acidic based soils and unfortunately, for Magnolia tree lovers, Las Vegas has alkaline based native soil and alkaline based water. Starting from this standpoint of knowledge about our water and soil its obvious you can’t just open up a hole in Las Vegas and plop a Magnolia tree in that […]

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