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Modern Landscaping Las Vegas – Elegant Ideas

We specialize in providing quality services and 100% customer satisfaction through the dedicated team that possess a high degree of professionalism. We are well known as the modern landscaping Las Vegas experts in the respective region. Customized services; altered to the client’s specified requirements are offered in a best affordable price. An expert team of designers will be provided to bring the concept into practice through the attractive patterns; that later on build up in the lawn or backyard area of your sweet home.




Apart from designing and implementing the landscaping project at your property, we also provide landscape cleanup and landscape maintenance services. Redo or re-construct packages are also available at a very decent rate. 3D design services for the outdoor area in residential as well as commercial setup are offered to give you a glimpse of how the actual landscaping will appear. This is done in a conceptual manner without altering the grounds and without any tearing of the property.



Tips to Enhance the Beauty of the Lawns

The stones and the pebbles along with the cut-edge accessories are used to give your lawn an elegant and stylish look. Apart from this, planting of right flowers as well as the rich grass is another aspect that adds to the beauty of the modern landscape. The Emerald Carpet and the Ammonium Phosphate are a true blend of seeds and the fertilizers used to give that additional look to the lawns and the back yards.

Ammonium Phosphate, 16-20-0, which is a homogeneous mixture of high phosphate compost and is utilized for pre- plant and maintenance applications is being used in the Las Vegas lawns. Plants normally require nitrogen for producing healthy leaves, so this fertilizer is rich in nitrogen that usually acts as a heating element that stimulates the root system and hence, good quality leaves are grown.

Phosphorus helps promote stronger roots as well as flower formation. Potash is a substance that is required for stronger plant structure and offers resistance to the heat in summer as well as saves plants from winter stress. In short, potash provides a protective shield against the extreme weather conditions in both summer as well as winter season. This formula is highly used in modern landscaping Las Vegas projects.

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