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Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Your Garden

Find some plants that will give you a higher yield. Many times, a cold-tolerant or disease-resistant hybrid can have a higher yield versus traditional ones.

Divide irises. You can increase the number of irises you have by splitting clumps that are overgrown. You can do this by simply picking up bulbous irises once the foliage has withered. The bulbs will naturally split in your hands, and after you replant them, will flower about a year later. For plants with rhizomes, use a knife to divide them. Throw away the center after carefully cutting new sprouts from the exterior. Divide your pieces carefully; they should each have one good quality offshoot apiece. All that is left to do is immediately replant the pieces you have created and let the cycle begin anew.

A border fence should be built around any area of land that is going to be gardened prior to any planting. You can use a thick shrub, decorative border or a fence to keep large animals away from your plants.

Get a wheelbarrow, and a stool so that you can kneel down while gardening. You can make gardening much more comfortable on your knees by using a portable garden stool. There is also a lot of heavy lifting involved with gardening, so a good wheelbarrow is a great tool to have around.

Some bees, like bumble bees, pollinate your plants and are beneficial to your garden. There are harmful bees though, like the carpenter bee, which creates its nest by eating through wood. In general, bees are beneficial to your garden, so the best thing to do is to let them be so they can do their job.

You can easily build up plan material layers for compost by filling large garbage bags with the material. This can be done in the fall season after you have raked leaves in your yard. Put your leaves in a plastic garbage bag in a warm area. Come spring time, you will be ready to compost the leaves, which creates ready-made soil.

Set your mower blades higher, so you don’t cut the grass too short. If you leave your grass a bit longer, the roots can grow deeper. This results in a lawn that is stronger and less likely to dry out. Grass that is shorter has a root system that is easier to dry out.

Some annual plants are better suited to colder temperatures. For great looking plants, try pruning them if they get too leggy. These annuals can bloom once again and look lovely in contrast to wintery ground after some weeks. Consider annuals such as petunias, snapdragons or dianthus.

Use the tips you just read to revitalize your garden with your new found green thumb. When you see your plants and flowers alive and flourishing, you will feel a sense of happiness that you helped to make that happen. Gardening can have profound effects within many areas of your life if you take the steps to embrace it. So grab your gardening gear, and get to work.

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