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Everything You May Have Wondered About Gardening

Gardening is a fun and interesting hobby that has the potential to improve the life of you, your family, or your business. You can figure out everything you need, so you do not waste money on unnecessary equipment, or the wrong types of seeds for your environment.

Draw up a planting calendar to plan your gardening efforts. If you keep a planting calendar, you will know exactly which variety to plant every season. This will allow you to prepare in advance, knowing exactly what to purchase and when you should buy things. There are many software applications that can help you do this. Or, you can be really old-fashioned and use paper.

Learn the proper way to lay sod. Get your soil ready before you lay the sod. Be sure to get rid of any weeds, and then proceed to break up the soil to get it ready to use. Lightly, but firmly compact the soil, making sure it is flat. You then will want to thoroughly wet the soil. Stagger your sod so that each joint offsets from joints in adjacent rows. Cut away extra sod and save it to fill in gaps you may create later. The sod requires water on a daily basis for two weeks, then the roots will have taken hold and ready to be walked on.

Water is a necessity if you want to have a healthy garden. Plants can not survive without it. On hot days, soil can get dry so you need to remember to frequently water your garden. Proper watering will help ensure that the garden is going to thrive.

Try thinking about the vegetables you buy from the store most, and planting them. By doing this, you will be able to use the gardening space to your best advantage, and you will also save money on food bills. You want to avoid planting anything you don’t use or eat, particularly if you don’t have much room to garden.

If you want the best results, you need to choose the right soil. What plants you desire determines what type of soil you need in your garden, and whether or not it needs to be amended. You could also isolate a certain area, and fill it with just one kind of soil.

A great gardening tip to implement is to actually create new plants for your garden by using root cuttings from existing plants. The roots should be cut in winter when they are dormant. Start by using a sharpened knife to separate the plant from the largest roots. Each root should be cut into lengths of about two inches. Place the cuttings on top of a tray that has been covered with peat and some type of grit. You will then place out a thinner layer of the peat mixture on top of the cuttings. Leave the root cuttings in a cool area and you will have brand new seedlings within a month. Plant each seedling in its own small pot until they grow big enough for outdoor planting.

A little bit of research will go a long way, especially when you pair it with patience. However, while you watch something grow that you planted, the satisfaction will make it worthwhile.

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