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Secrets To Keeping Your Lawn Looking Lush and Green Through Out The Winter Season In Las Vegas

Watch the video below as Nick talks about the fertilizer and grass seed combo that is used in the Fall season in Las Vegas Nevada to keep your lawn looking green, lush, thick  and soft through out the winter season.

The grass seed and fertilizer combo we used at the property in this video is an Emerald Carpet Fescue seed and the fertilizer is Ammonium Phosphate. The numbers on the Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer bag are 16-20-0. The Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer has a higher nitrogen content that acts as a type of heating element for the root system within the soil. This is generally why you want to use this type of fertilizer on a streak of cooler days during the Autmn/Fall seasons in Las Vegas Nevada. The Ammonium Phosphate fertilizer, also,  is a more acidic fertilizer that helps to offset the alkaline natural soil and water conditions that plants, trees and shrubs endure all year long until a soil conditioner is introduced like the ammonium phospahte.

So basically, the Ammonium Phospahte offers a double benefit to plants, trees and shrubs planted in the alkaline or calcareous soils of the desert.

  • It’s acidic based from the sulfur content and conditions the soil environment of the plant offsetting the soil alkalinity.
  • It has a high, slow released type of Nitrogen that warms and speeds up the growth process plus helps to keep the plant green.
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Modern Design with Horsetail

We love a clean sleek modern design! The plant that stands out in this picture is called Horsetail. It goes perfect along water whether it is a straight lined modern design or a curvy eclectic design. This landscape also creates a zen like design feel with the all of the greenery up against the dark colors of the stone and hardscape.


Stone Path

Here’s a creative idea for a pathway-mix in some round stones or river rock with flagstone and set in mortar. 


Landscape Walkthrough Shot With Go Pro

Grounded Modern Landscape

Here is a really cool modern design with the use of what looks like Brazillian Walnut wood decking, concrete, with what looks like a sand finish, synthetic turf and some cool silver sphere balls used to add round shape into straight modern lines.



dano 3


dano 1





These pictures are credited to Grounded Landscape Architecture in Encinitas, CA. Thank you for your cool modern landscape design ideas!

Meet the Best Landscaping Las Vegas Artificial Grass Manufacturers

Green Guru Landscaping is a leading provider of landscaping Las Vegas artificial grass services that will make your lawn beautiful and you ultimately want to show off. We believe that 100% customer satisfaction is the key to success. Our modus operandi is to offer quality artificial grass and landscaping services for your property’s front yard as well as the back yard.

We have successfully installed artificial grass in some of the high profile areas and have gained reputation due to the nature of our work. Customized services are being offered to the customers as per the specified requirements. We endeavor at making your lawns look beautiful as this will add to the overall appearance of the house. The fake turf gives unique and original environmental emergence, feels like a natural and is more durable.

Superior quality components are being used in the manufacturing of the turf and the grass is installed by the expert professionals. Highest quality services are offered at a very low price and this makes us a successful landscaping Las Vegas artificial grass installer.

Why Artificial Turf Recommended?

There are many advantages being delivered by the artificial grass. One does not require regular mowing and this saves your precious time. No maintenance efforts involved and this helps save money as you do not have to pay for the pesticides and weedicides. Las Vegas weather conditions, specially summer is not at all favourable for the original grass as the grass gets damaged due to the excess heat; this makes an artificial turf ideal to be installed in the lawns.

Few of the reasons that make the artificial grass ideal for Las Vegas lawns are

  • You can enjoy the year round green
  • Favorable for high traffic Las Vegas suburbs
  • Helps reduce water and electricity bill
  • Low maintenance and protection cost
  • All time smooth and enjoyable gaming area
  • Manufactured with Latest Technique

The blend of vertical integration techniques and modern technology is used in research, development and installation of the artificial grass in the lawns or other residential and commercial areas and this results in delivering quality services as well as 100% satisfaction to the customers. Environment friendly synthetic turf can be installed in areas including front yards, back yards, parks, playground grass, sports field, resorts, decks, golf clubs, pet areas, etc.

The synthetic grass is tested and per-tested before installation in the Las Vegas grounds to ensure that the product holds the realistic look as well as the feel of the natural grass. Exclusive and presentation oriented raw material used in the manufacture of the synthetic turf makes it a long lasting product. If you are looking towards installing the best landscaping Las Vegas artificial grass, you can contact us to get a quote for installation services.

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